My Unique Approach

Tired of seeing the same generic advice about computer issues that isn't personalized or helpful to YOUR specific situation? So was I - that's why I started Mark Arnold Computer Tech. I not only have the expertise and knowledge to fix all of your computer and tech-related issues, but I can explain it to you in a simple and straightforward way!

In my previous career, I was a Special Ed teacher, so I know exactly how to identify your specific learning style and make sure you completely understand how to fix the current issues. No more confusing computer jargon, no more headaches and frustration - just simple solutions.

I help busy people remove the headaches and frustrations from tech issues. I will help you through every part of the process. I’ve given hundreds of people in the Phoenix, AZ area the confidence and ‘know how’ they need to no longer feel ‘in the dark’ about their computer.

General computer tech education, printer issues, WiFi setup and troubleshooting, virus scans and cleanups and much more - my years of tech and education experience makes fixing your computer issues easier than ever before. I'm here to help - give me a call now and let's get started!

Mark Arnold - Founder

Mark Arnold Computer Tech - About Me

Complicated Issues Made Simple

  • My unique background in education and technology means you get the best of both worlds - your biggest computer headaches solved and explained in a way you'll actually understand. I'm here to help you end your computer frustrations right away.

    It's time to put your computer troubles behind and get back to doing what you love. Reach out now to learn how I can help you.

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Mark is always able to fix what is wrong... and teach me to keep from having that same problem again. If you are like me and don't speak computer, Mark is the guy to help you out.

Lezli G.

Getting expert advice and assistance from the very beginning of your computer tech issues can mean the difference between successful fixes and broken devices. Don’t risk your time and money. Get the help you need now.

More About My Services

What I Specialize In:

Virus Cleanup

Don't risk the health of your devices. I give you peace of mind by scanning for viruses and cleaning out any issues I find.

Tech Setup

Frustrated by all of the unhelpful videos or tutorials found online? I'll guide you step by step until you are completely comfortable with your new devices.

Tech Education

I empower you with tech education to be able to truly understand how to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise with your devices.

WiFi Setup

Don't stay offline longer than you have to - give me a call now and I will ensure your WiFi is ready to go and will stay online.

Printer Setup

I help remove the headaches - spend less time frustrated at your printer and more time doing what you love.

General Troubleshooting

I've seen it all and have the tech and teaching experience to help you understand any general tech questions that may be frustrating you.

No More Computer Headaches

My biggest victories are seeing clients succeed and feel confident with their computer abilities. Reach out and let's get started now!

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What My Customers Are Saying

  • Mark is my first thought when I need advice or service for my desktop or tablet. He is the only one I recommend when friends need help with their computers. Judy W, PhD, MSW

  • Mark has been very professional and conscious of our budget concerning work on our computer. He hooked up a new computer for us and was very helpful. And, he follows up his work which is great. Just an easy person to do business with. Charles S

  • As comfortable as I am with a computer there is so much I don't know. For any problem I have come up against; from a system crash to a simple question, Mark has always been there. For all the problems he has corrected for me he also adds peace of mind knowing that when the next problem does come up, all I have to do is call Mark. Dr. Bill G, DC

  • I have worked with Mark several times in the past. My laptop is getting old and has started to have some bizarre problems. Mark always gets back with me quickly and meets every problem with a calm reassuring nature. I can highly recommend him as your computer guy! Karen B

Let's Get Started

Give me a call or send a message now and I'll get back to you as soon as possible:

Phone: (602) 571-2856